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A meeting or celebration is a unique and unforgettable event!! In Eventos & Catering we have a team of event planners, we take care of the design, creative and innovative work, planning, coordination and organization of all kinds of social and corporate events.


Efficient Coordination and Impeccable Execution for Flawless Events

Organize an event is a complex issue, which involves the management of many activities. It should define objectives, generate ideas, select and define suppliers (place, catering, styles and colours, atmosphere, drinks to toast, desserts, puddings and sweets, animation , etc.), planning every detail, elaborate invitations.

In short: take into account the minimum elements so that you can enjoy along with your guests and make it an unforgettable day. To all this must be added a last fundamental requirement: creativity and perfectionism and a positive attitude.

Count on us to bring your event to success, you just enjoy your day.


To organize an event, it is important to take into account several elements such as:

• Recommend analyzing the budget that you want to invest to give you a view the project and everything we can do with the same buget.

• Visit the place where the event will take place to make the design and the elements that can be integrated.

• Know the tastes and preferences of its guests to achieve a good combination in the catering of meals and drinks to offer.

• Take into account the provenance of your guests, if you have foreign guests or other city that will remain in the place of your wedding or event several days, to do a program of activities so that your guests can have an unforgettable experience.

• Planning the event to keep track of every important detail and components.

• Always have a plan B, not be rigid, be open to the changes that arise, especially in events taking place abroad.

• Use the services of a host of events is primordial to ensure the success of your business, we at Eventos & Catering work with related suppliers with which we achieve the event to be uniform, balanced and perfect for you.

Types of events

Here you have a schedule of everything there is to do is important and above all to have a check list check list to have control of the event since its inception.

A wedding cocktail reception party is perfect at noon time and in the early evening. The type of menu is simple, easy-to-eat meals while standing up, although some venues usually place some tables and high chairs so that guests can sit. Drinks are also served while guests are standing.


  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • 15-year
  • Baptisms, first communions, baby shower
  • Stag parties
  • Theme parties
  • Concerts
  • Tables of sweets or cold cuts and cheeses
  • Afternoon tea

Corporate events

  • Coffee Break
  • Seminars, meetings, forums, conferences, conventions
  • Fiestas Patrias, day work, Family Day
  • End of year, Christmas, Kings holidays
  • Inaugurations
  • Delivery of buttons
  • Launch of products
  • Work Shops
  • Relationships public, press, TV, Videos, photographers
  • Scenery, tents, ceilings, flooring
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Work lunches and workouts

count on us!

At Eventos & Catering, we believe that every event deserves to be extraordinary. With our passion for creating unforgettable experiences and our meticulous attention to detail, we are your perfect partner for event planning and organization. From weddings and corporate gatherings to birthdays and special celebrations, our dedicated team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

With our expertise in event management and our wide range of services including catering, decor, and entertainment, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver an event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, we have the knowledge, resources, and creativity to make it truly exceptional.

Count on us to handle every aspect of your event with professionalism, precision, and a personal touch. Let us take care of the logistics while you enjoy the celebration and create beautiful memories. Contact us today and let’s start planning your next unforgettable event together!

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Ask for a Quote:

Your Event Starts Here!