Enjoy the most important day, YOUR WEDDING!

Your Wedding

Enjoy the most important day, YOUR WEDDING! Eventos & Catering will organize all to guarantee you a perfect day and that you can enjoy with your loved ones every second.

Your wedding in your style

An unforgettable day, a decision that marks your life, we want to share that experience with you, we will help you to plan, organize and coordinate all the details of your wedding, with a selection of places, styles, themes, colors and tips to make that day a dream come true.

You must choose your style, this must beaccording to your personality, nationality… y especially to make perfect harmony with the place you choose.

* Rigorous tag wedding

* Formal wedding

* Semi-formal wedding

* Informal wedding or family


You recommend a schedule of activities you have to do in advance, so that you don’t miss any important detail.

We have prepared a small guide for brides so you do not leave any details behind.

Your wedding theme


Your wedding theme:

Inspire you in your dreams, a special place, a film, country or nationality, share it with your partner so that both enjoy that great day.

Choose the color. Eit may be appropriate to the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Choose your wedding colors, we recommend a selection of two or three colors. The use traditional colors such as white and beige will create a classical wedding and according to the elements you choose will transform it into a unique style.

The colors of seasons if you want to choose them are:


Pastel pink, lilac, green, and blue colors, flowers in tropical or warm colours go well with this season.


Colors, strong, happy that they inspire party, pink yellow and orange and Green Apple, green aqua, coral, blue are the favorites.


Earth colors, Brown, burnt red, terracotta, yellow, olive green, Golden, inspired by Maple leaves and marked vegetations are favorites.


Los Colores Colours white, silver and blue are ideal for this season, but you can also use colors golden colors, burgundy, wines, reds and Greens if you are inspired by Christmas.


According to the style and formality of your wedding you must design the stationery and decide what you are going to use.

This can be in the place you are.

  • Card SAVE THE DATE, this can be printed or email… Today is used to send first a SAVE THE DATE, especially if your guests live abroad.
  • Also the couple can make a web page so that all the guests begin to relate to your wedding.
  • The wedding invitation card. This should be absolutely printed, even if you send it by private mail.
  • Thank you letter, this is sent after the wedding, gets the name of the gift you received.
  • Card with names of guests to seat them if you go to renumber tables.
  • Menu. this is placed in every position, especially if you are going to serve a plated catering or simply inserted next to each dish at the buffet.
  • Names of guests at tables
  • Letter of gratitude, is placed in each position. This can be in the souvenir.
  • Signs according to the style of the wedding, posters, blackboards… etc…
  • Card with bank account. this is the style when the bride and groom go to live abroad or when they need financial assistance.


Choosing your wedding menu is as important as choosing the decoration and you should spend a little time to develop it and choose the most suitable supplier.

Classical wedding: ideal for traditional people, attached to the simplicity and elegance. Everything is very clean and perfect, decorated with sober and elegant arrangements.

American wedding: Practical style, performed the ceremony and celebration in the same place. Preferably gardens or farms.

Themed wedding: ideal for couples of different nationalities or simply want your wedding different, fun and your guests to take a good memory. You can use parts of your guests clothing, costumes, you can be inspired by countries, countryside, traditions, beaches or films.

Vintage weddings: Rescues the old, wood, glass, bottles, lace, luggage, barrels, gums, carts. The main flower is the succulent, soft green, combined with white flowers. A light somewhat informal style without many requirements and label.

Country wedding: outdoor, field, farm, or beach-style are the places to celebrate this style of wedding, for people who love the simplicity and nature.

Family wedding: Simple casual style, used elements of the same House in decor.

Glam wedding: Exquisite, stunning style, your guests are impressed and wrapped in a different magic. The label and elegance at its finest. Impressive, large and showy parts are used.

Romantic wedding: Dreamy style, inspired by sublime moments, rich in flowers of soft colors or pastels. Everything perfect with elements delicately chosen.

Ethnic wedding: style of cultures, is combined with the nationalities and customs of the bride and groom.

Minimalist wedding: Simple and elegant style, choice pieces, few flowers characterized by the way how are placed in their space. Very small elements. .less in more… White is the favorite combined sometimes with black.

Let us make your wedding truly unforgettable.

 With our expertise and attention to detail, we will create a day filled with beautiful moments and cherished memories. From the initial planning stages to the last dance, our team at Eventos & Catering is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your wedding exceeds your expectations. With stunning venues, exquisite cuisine, and personalized service, we will bring your vision to life and create a celebration that reflects your love story. Trust us to handle all the details, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment of your special day.

Enjoy your day, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Celebrate your special day with Eventos & Catering. Our dedicated team is here to make your wedding dreams come true. From elegant venues to exquisite cuisine, we take care of every detail to ensure a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience. Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, our expertise in event planning and personalized service will exceed your expectations. Trust us to create an extraordinary wedding tailored to your unique style and preferences.

Contact us today to start planning the wedding of your dreams.

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