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Rehearsal Dinner en Altos de Chavón

A Memorable Rehearsal Dinner at Altos de Chavón: An Unforgettable Celebration

Join us on a journey back in time to a dreamy rehearsal dinner hosted at the enchanting Altos de Chavón.


Nestled within the heart of Casa de Campo in La Romana, this iconic Mediterranean-style village served as the picturesque backdrop for a truly unforgettable celebration.


Our team at Eventos & Catering crafted a one-of-a-kind experience, meticulously planning every detail to perfection. As the sun set over the Chavón River, the ambiance came alive with the twinkling lights and the soulful melodies of live music.


Guests were treated to a culinary feast featuring mouthwatering Mediterranean delicacies, complemented by carefully curated cocktails and premium spirits. The warm camaraderie and laughter filled the air as loved ones gathered to celebrate the upcoming wedding.


With Altos de Chavón’s timeless architecture and breathtaking views, every moment of this intimate event became a cherished memory for both the couple and their guests.


Explore the moments captured in our portfolio and let Eventos & Catering create an extraordinary celebration for your special occasions.

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